Welcome to our brewing universe.

  • Brewery v1 - In a utility room
  • Brewery v2 - The Brewery
  • Brewery v3 - New mash vessel
  • Brewery v4 - New sparkle pots & Wort vessel
  • Brewery v4 - Plate cooler
  • Brewery v4 - Yeast starter
  • Brewery v4 - 380 liters fermenter
  • Brewery v5 -150 liters sparkel pots
  • Brewery v6, now ready on full 360 liters brewing, with increased mash and wort tuns an stainless pot racks
  • Brewery v6, extraction which removes steam and heat from the process. Built-in muffler so it is durable to listen to.
  • Brewery v7, new 150 liters fermenter, and fermenters lined up
  • Bewery v7, New 300L mash tun with motor stirrer. Setting up brewing equipment adapted.












Questions to the Bewery:
Contact: mailto:bryghuset@stofanet.dk


Tasting  Cancelled! because of Corona.


Sale of mash vessel approx. 268 liters.  Click on the link and take a closer look!



Visit our brew colleague Bjarke's online store:
We are a newly started webshop where you can buy equipment for brewing your own beer and raw materials for all types of beer, as well as funds for disinfection and cleaning of your brewing equipment. In short, we have everything you need to brew great beer.