Testing new tapping method.


We tested a new tapping device by tapping 300 L Kölsch.

Opstilling af tappeudstyr
Installation of tapping equipment. Pump from the large tank to 35L pot. The beer even runs to the tapping machine which itself stops flow when it is full. Then it can be tapped.













After a few mistakes, the bottling went very well and quickly.
Very unusual the slowest in the process was disinfecting bottles. We could not manage to sterilize as fast as we could fill. Nor could we put capsules on or labels at the same pace as the bottling.
Efter diverse tilretninger kunne vi tappe en kasse (20stk) 0,5 L flasker på få minutter. Så hurtigt har vi ikke prøvet at tappe før.
We had problems with our filter, which after some time gained so much pressure that it could not hold close to the gasket. (is not intended for pessure). We estimated that the worst impurities, proteins, had been filtered off and removed the filter. Now looking for a better, and pressure-tight, filter. Yeast must also be included when we carbonate the bottle. Have tried to find out how big yeast cells are, suppose yeast cells are about 10My big.

Watch video from the bottling.