Hot water, approx. 50 ° C is filled in the vessel.

We start the day by heating the water for the mash vessel. We need approx. 150 - 170 liters, but fortunately we have a large 21Kw flow water heater which can heat the water to around 50 ° C while we fill the vessel. This saves a huge amount of time. The remaining heating is done with 17Kw gas burner under our 150 liter pots and 26Kw under the mash vessel.



The water is filled in the mash wessel and heated to 74°C.








The mash pot is heated with gas. Here a 26Kw burner.



We add lactic acid to regulate the acidity of the water. The malt also regulates the acidity itself, so we hit the desired level, PH. 5.2 - 5.4. Of course, we check the PH value during the process. During the Wort boiling, the PH value drops a bit, and it is important that it is the PH value in the fermentation tank that matters. Salts and minerals are added according to the recipe and type of beer. When the water is heated to 74 ° C we are ready to get the rolled malt in the vessel, quietly while stirring. When the malt is added, the temperature tends to hit the 67-68 ° C we want, otherwise we have to heat up while circulating the mash with a pump. However, one must be very careful as the temperature easily gets too high.