Beer Festival Lokomotivvækstedet 2023


As something we have not tried before, we participated in the annual beer festival at the Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen.

We participated as an exhibitor at the Handbrewer stand, where we presented our beer on the 1st session both Friday and Saturday. Actually, we were only supposed to be on Saturdays, but since there were no others to fill the space with bottled beer, we agreed to take this turn as well. We had 6 different beers with us, 10 liters of each.

We were very well received by the audience, who thought we made some really good beer. There were several guests who came back to taste more of our beers. On Saturday, 3 of the beer judges, who were judges in this year's competition for the best hand-brewed beer, stopped by and they also praised the good beer we brought. (We did not enter the competition.)

On Friday, Peter Thor Christensen and I were on the stand, and on Saturday it was Nis Kjer and I. Thanks to Peter for the help on Friday!

All in all, it was a good experience.