The finished mash is pumped slowly, approx. 30 minutes, to the Wort vessel. We have in the mash vessel a false bottom which removes the kernels from the liquid. The Wort is heated and should cook for 1½ hour. When the Wort boils, we remove the lid so that unwanted substances, DMS, can evaporate during boiling. Along the way, hops are added depending on the type of beer chosen. The purpose of Wort cooking is mainly activation of bitter substances, Alpha acid, from the hops added, which typically takes 60 min. At the end of the cooking, additional hops are usually added which contribute exclusively to the aroma. During cooking, the proteins coagulate and at the end of the Wort cooking, a clarifying agent made from red algae is added - Irish moss, which causes the proteins to clump together, and these can be removed when the Wort is pumped to the fermentation tank. The Wort is completely sterile after cooking.

The extraction takes steam and much of the heat while we cook the wort. The curtain in the ceiling prevents the steam from spreading.



The herb wessel is equipped with a curve at the bottom and a spray arm that can create a whirlpool.

Turned out to be a good investment.







Whirlpool samler protein og humlerester i kurven.

The wort is boiling 1½ hours.





The finished Wort should be cooled from 100 ° to 18 ° when pumped over to the fermentation tank. For this we use a stainless steel pump and plate cooler which is carefully cleaned and sterile. Wort are pumped through one system and cold water into the other. It can cause problems if the cooling water is not cold enough. As we get water from far away it teases occasionally during hot periods. Optimal would be a cooling system for the cooling water, …… you are probably allowed to dream!

Plate cooler.