Malt is, in addition to water, the main ingredient in beer production. We buy finished malt from suppliers where we can mix a pallet of sacs, according to our needs. Purchasing in larger quantities makes the malt price somewhat lower. Several types of malt, barley, rye, wheat, oats and unmalted grain are used, each of which contributes to the taste, sugar and foaming. We buy malt which is roasted by type.

The content of a malt grain:









Germination and drying:


The nuclei are moistened and added heat to activate enzymes that can convert the starch of the nucleus into sugar molecules. The cell walls of the seed nucleus are broken down and the starch is exposed. Starch is mainly a macromolecule which consists of several thousand glucose molecules. When germination has started, the malt is dried and the sprouts are removed.


The malt can be roasted, which gives a different taste and color to the finished beer, depending on how hard the roast is.