From a brewing day

Mash vessels are filled with 150 - 170 liters of water which is heated to 74 ° C.
Hot water, approx. 50 ° C is filled in the vessel.

The flow-through water heater can heat the water to approx. 50 ° C.








When the recipe states less than 25kg. of a malt type, the malt is weighed.

The malt is weighed in the right amount.
The awning allows malt to be rolled outdoors. Even in bad weather. It's very dusty.










The malt must be rolled before it enters the mash pan. We have a really good 3-roller Monster Mill.

The malt is poured into the funnel. It can almost contain a sack full.
The crushed malt falls into the container under the roller.








It is important that the malt is not rolled too finely. The shells just need to be broken so that the contents become accessible and can dissolve. The rolled malt is poured into the mash vessel and stirred in the meantime so that it does not clump together.

After the mashing period of 1½ hour, the liquid is pumped to the Wort vessel and boiled. Hops are added immediately, it is the hops that give the beer the bitterness that is desired. 10-15 minutes before the Wort is finaly cooked, additional hops is added, which will give the beer aroma.

The roller can handle approx. 5kg. malt per minute, so it goes very well to roll the necessary malt.


The temperature of the mash is checked. The mash should be 66 ° to 68 ° C.
The finished mash is pumped to the Wort vessel and boiled for 1½ hour. Along the way, hops are added.








We have 2 stainless steel baskets where the hops are poured in. These are removed when the herb has finished boiling.

After boiling, remove the hop baskets.
The hop basket gives a better yield of the hops.






The Wort is boiled.





Stir the Wort vigorously to cause the proteins to accumulate in the center of the vessel.







The cooked Wort must now be pumped over to the fermentation tank. We use a stainless steel plate cooler to cool the Wort down to 18 ° C while it is being pumped over.

Plate cooler and pump.
The Wort is cooled with cold water. The Wort pot of 400 liters can be seen in the background.







During the process, the fermentation tank is cleaned and disinfected.


While the Wort is boiling, the fermentation tank is cleaned and sterilized.

Rinse thoroughly so the tank is completely clean.

The tank contains 380 liters.








The Wort is filled in the fermentation tank.



When all the Wort is pumped over, add the prepared yeast. We have made a portion of yeast which has multiplied for 3 days.

Yeast starter with pump and Yeast lock







Then 260 liters of Sierra Nevada Red Ale are brewed, with lots of hops.