A view from Beer tasting 2020

As tradition dictates, we met again for a fantastic cozy beer tasting on March 7, 2020.
Lucky with the date, just before everything was canceled.
There were again sold out, 100 registered, with 96 nice and happy participants.
This time we tasted 12 different beers from 6 skilled hobby brewers. It was quality beer.

Welcome by the chairman from Øster Løgum Bryghus.
There is listening, talking and tasting. Ratings are noted.






The brewers themselves presented their beers.
A single Zealand brewer had again this year taken the trip from Haslev. Incidentally again with excellent good beer.






With a full house, the hall was well filled and there was talk.
The brewers cleared off and on the tables. 240 - 250 bottles in one evening.







Beer, chips, spiced sausage and chocolate. So it does not get much better, does it?
Then the party ended, just before midnight. It was cleared of.













This year's competition, light or dark beer, was won by:

Light Beer: Kim Petersen with Hefeweizen.
Dark Beer: Øster Løgum Bryghus with DoppelBock.