One of the inevitable, but 100% necessary, things is CLEANING . When brewing beer, you should expect that 30-40% of the time is spent cleaning. Everything must be absolutely clean and free of old residues and bacteria. Buckets, hoses, pots, plate coolers, fermentation tanks and all other equipment must be completely clean. The "Wort level" should be sterile.

Plate cooler and pump are cleaned with approved detergent Mip Ma, and descaled with P3 − Oxonia ACTIVE, and we pump boiling water through the system until the whole system is min. 90 ° C to kill all bacteria. Then cool the plate cooler with cold water in the cooling side until it is down to 20 ° C, before starting the transfer of the Wort to the fermentation tank.

We use IPA alcohol to disinfect the nozzle and all other equipment immediately before use. Smaller hoses are sterilized with a steam cleaner so that there are no bacteria inside. The large hoses undergo a cleaning process with MIP Ma, with subsequent rinsing with almost boiling water.

Vessels are washed with MIP Ma, inside and out, and rinsed with clean water. At intervals they are descaled, to avoid coatings of lime and thus breeding ground for bacteria or other impurities.

Fermentation tank is high-pressure cleaned, cleaned and disinfected after use, and disinfected again before a new fermentation process. On the large tank, all nozzles and taps can be removed and cleaned separately, thus avoiding hidden bacterial collections.
The 3 small ones are easier to clean, but here too it is necessary to be careful.

Equipment for bottling, vaccum pumps, nozzles and hoses are thoroughly washed and disinfected with steam cleaner and IPA alcohol. In addition, the bottles are cleaned with a vapor pressure of more than 4 bar immediately before filling the beer. After bottling, everything is cleaned again.

Some may think we have a cleaning frenzy, but it is necessary not to get infected beer. What a waste! (we've tried it several times before we got together to do things properly).