The malt is poured into the funnel.
The malt is rolled with as little flour as possible.
The malt falls into the container under the roller.






Good coarsely rolled malt.





In order for sugar and enzymes to become available in mash, the malt must be rolled. The shells only need to be broken so that the contents do not turn into flour. The shells contribute to the mashing process by acting as a filter so that the mash does not clump together. It is an advantage if the roller has 3 rollers and does not run very fast. We can roll approx. 5 kg. per minute, and uses about 50 - 70 kg. to a brew of 300 liters.

Roller and motor on stand. Roller runs 150 rpm.
Monster Mill has 3 pcs. 2.5 ″ stainless steel rollers, with ball bearing on the driven roller.