Beer tasting 2018

Fantastic beer tasting at Øster Løgum Kro on Saturday 10 March 2018.

We met 70 expectant, beer-loving people. 4 hobby brewers and Trolden Bryghus delivered 12 very different beers, all of high quality. It was a nice evening with a really good atmosphere.

The chairman of Øster Løgum Bryghus welcomed.
Mark from Trolden Breewery presented the first beer.








The brewers themselves presented their beer, and told about their thoughts on what they had produced. Everyone had made great efforts to make beer of high quality, and with great success.

Cheese, sausage, chocolate and chips as long as stocks last.
The brewers helped each other serve and collect the empty bottles.








The refreshments were well received, and were almost eaten up. The conversation went on all evening between a little ‘Cheers’ and happy remarks about the different beers.

The tasting is concentrated, and the experience is discussed throughout the hall.
The conversation went merrily, even between people who had not met before.








A big thank you to the brewers for their excellent efforts, and to all the participants for making it a festive evening.

In connection with tasting, the tasted beers were judged, in 2 categories. Beer below 6% vol. And beer above 6% vol. The voting took place by simple show of hands.

Winner of category under 6% vol .: Øster Løgum Bryghus with ‘Løjm Kölsch’, a 5% beer of the Kölsch type.

Winner of category over 6% vol .: Øster Løgum Bryghus with ‘Løjm IPA’, a 7.5% IPA.