Brew 120 Czech Pilsner


Saturday 15-01-2022 we brewed 300 liters of Czech Lager. The process went perfectly and we got even a higher Original Gravity than expected, 1061 instead of 1054. If fermented down to 1013 as expected, our lagers will be approx. 6.5% vol. We use our “cellar” to make bottom-fermented beer, 3 pcs. 150 l fermentation tanks.

So far, the fermentation has gone according to plan, it is still bubbling a bit.

February 5: Fantastic tap day.
Drained 290 liters of Czech Pilsner in 2¾ hours. Went over stick and stone. 🤗🍺 Process matched 3 brewers. Sterilization of bottles, bottling with 3 taps and application of capsules. Since it was an underfermented beer, fermented in our cellar, labels will come on at a later date. It takes max. 1½ hour for 300L.
Video is from the 1st test of tapping equipment.