Brew 121 Dark ale


Saturday the 22nd of January we brewed again. 320 liters of Dark Ale.

A very malty carbon black ale with 12 different malt types. Gives a nice taste of coffee, licorice, chocolate and a little smoke.

We had problems with stock mash because we had pressed the bottom of the mash vessel too much, thereby making the bottom leaky in relation to the chamber under the bottom. There was free space for malt to stop the drain completely. Then took just an hour extra to mash out. Is then doing just a little work to straighten the bottom, ie. distance the plates under the bottom.

We then just got the gain that our efficiency was somewhat higher than intended, 1071 instead of 1062. It then gives presumably 1% more alcohol.

Who said it has to be easy. We thought that fermentation had not started, there was no activity in the yeast lock, but we had then just forgotten to screw a vent on the fermentation tank!

Should now probably be a super good beer.

February 19th we tapped 285 liters in 1.5 hours, 1 hour to dissolve fermentation sugar, and after bottling of course cleaning. A total of 4.5 hours of work.
Alt i alt 4,5 timers arbejde.