Brew No 109 Sierra Nevada Red Ale.


On June 6, we brewed 2 x 130 liters of Sierra Nevada Red Ale.
The fermentation went pretty fast, good yeast! OG 1060 FG 1009 in less than 4 days.

We dry-hop on Wednesday, June 24, where in one tank we get a sack of hops in the tank, but the other dry-hopped with our HOPPER ROCKET.
We bought a HopRocket a long time ago, but it was too small for our use, so we have expanded it by 50cm in height. It can now contain 0.5 kg of hops.

We pump beer from the tank through the hop rocket and via a Ø 18mm x 500mm long Rf. stir return to the tank so that no oxygenation occurs. It seems like something similar they do at the Sierra Nevada Brewery.

It will be exciting to taste the difference between the 2 beers.

Bottling on Saturday, June 27th.

You are welcome to look in and see what we do, we start at. 8am and expect to be finished 12am.